June 2016 Diamond Shelters Newsletter

A Family Business Based on Quality

Diamond Shelters is part of Dueck’s Mechanical Inc., a family business started by LaVern Dueck in 1989. Fired by an entrepreneurial zeal, Dueck got his start at age 20 when he opened a shop that offered farm machinery repair. “One thing led to another and we could see that our activities could be expanded,” he says. They already had a reputation for reliability. He reports it was with this type of high quality standard they launched Diamond Shelters.

This culture of quality is everywhere at Dueck’s several thousand square-foot manufacturing facility in rural Manitoba. From its base in Whitemouth, about an hour east of Winnipeg, between 15 and 17 skilled workers fabricate using a full range of equipment such as brakes and shears and a CNC plasma table for precision cuts.

The attention to detail is impeccable. Each weld is thoroughly reviewed for strength and smoothness. Each piece of the shelter is a one-of. Metal sections are built using a W47.1 welding standard to give customers the very best. This means there is no duct taping of welds to prevent polyethylene skin punctures. Every weld is as smooth as a baby’s backside. Really, the finished product is the result of an artisan approach to manufacturing that is hand crafted and tooled to each customer’s unique specifications as well as being constructed to meet CAN/CSA-A660 requirements under the National Building Code of Canada.

When it comes to the fabric cover, Dueck sourced heavy-duty polyethylene from a manufacturer in Truro, Nova Scotia where it is woven into sheets and rolled. Strong weather resistant seams are created in Manitoba by Dueck’s brother who operates a shop with all the specialized equipment necessary to create world-class coverings with ten years of pro-rated warranty.

“What we sell is a durable, cost effective flexible alternative that delivers performance to those seeking coverage,” concludes Dueck. “Nothing leaves our shop until we see that it meets the standards we have built over 25 years. At Diamond Shelters your need is where we start. Where we finish is with complete customer satisfaction.”