24′ and 32′ Models

24’ and 32’ Wide Single Hoop Freestanding and High Profile Diamond Shelters



These  Diamond Shelters are ideal for: work shops, machinery storage, vehicle, boat, RV & ATV storage, lawn & yard care equipment storage, and commercial storage.



Single Hoop 24’ and 32’ wide Freestanding and High Profile Diamond Shelters are designed to be set directly on the ground, gravel or concrete.

The shelter package comes complete with a base rail foundation kit which includes ground anchors and cover tie down rails.

The rafters and purlins have easy to assemble slip together joints. No taping of joints is required.

24’ and 32’ wide Diamond Shelters have 6’ rafter spacing.

The diameter of all rafters is 2 3/8” with an optional upgrade to 3”. Both 2 3/8” and 3” rafters are made of North American produced, 12 gauge hollow structural round tubing.

Optional Powder Coating in our standard grey color, provides a superior finish that is tough, durable, attractive and environmentally friendly. Powder Coating is also available in other colors as an additional option.

Take a look at the Single Hoop Options available. They include a rafter upgrade to 3” tubing, peak purlins (standard on 24’ High Profile and 32’ Freestanding and High Profile models), end wall mesh vents, concrete foundation mount packages, half moon ends, flame retardant covers and insulation packages.



Diamond Shelter Covers are made from 12 oz. top quality North American produced polyethylene fabric.

12 oz. main frame cover is standardly available in White, with the following cover color options available in Silver, Red, Tan, Green, Blue and Translucent colors. Optional trim and stripes can be incorporated into the cover. It comes with a standard 10 year pro-rated warranty that can be upgraded to an optional 15 year pro-rated warranty. Covers come standard with a Pipe & Ratchet Tie Down System.


End Walls

End frame poles are fabricated with round tubing. There is an optional upgrade to rectangular tubing.

Our polyethylene fabric covered end walls provide a durable and attractive finish to your Diamond Shelter.

Customer supplied metal cladding can be attached to end frames using poles made from rectangular tubing.

Diamond Shelters manufactures different models of Doors: RollupTrak and Double Sliding. Our Rollup doors can be used on a round tube end frame pole. However, Diamond Shelter Trak doors and Double Sliding doors require the rectangular end frame poles. Let us help you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

For ease of entry many customers install man doors and overhead doors.

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