30′ to 60′ Ponywall Models

30’ to 60’ Wide Welded Truss Ponywall Diamond Shelters



Diamond Shelter Welded Truss Ponywall structures are designed for those applications that require wider, clear spans and site specific engineering. They can be used for: commercial warehousing; manufacturing facilities; highway salt and sand storage; sports training facilities; horse riding arenas; vehicle, RV and boat storage; machinery storage; hay, straw and grain storage; and livestock facilities.



All Diamond Shelters start with well trained and qualified staff, certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau. We also use high quality North American produced steel. The steel, because it is produced in North America, has very consistent yield and tensile strengths.

All components in a Diamond Shelter are precision manufactured. This translates into a structure that fits together better; that meets or exceeds load requirements; that is more aesthetically pleasing; and that requires little, if any, on site fabrication.

For superior structural strength our Welded Truss Diamond Shelters are designed with multiple rows of cross bracing rather than straight purlins.

Bolt together joints make rafter and cross bracing easy to assemble. All joints or connections contacting the cover are smooth. No taping of joints is required.

This Welded Truss series is available in a 30′, 32’, 40’, 42.5’, 50′ and 60′ Ponywall models. They come with standard 12′ rafter spacing, closer rafter spacing may be required depending on the climatic loads in your area.

Optional Powder Coating in our standard grey color, provides a superior finish that is tough, durable, attractive and environmentally friendly. Powder Coating is also available in other colors as an additional option.

Take a look at the Welded Truss Options that are available. They include screw pile mounting plates, ponywall mounting brackets, pipe and ratchet tie down systems, half moon ends, awnings, end wall mesh vents, ridge vents, flame retardant covers and insulation packages.



Diamond Shelter Covers are made from 12 oz. top quality North American produced polyethylene fabric.

12 oz. main frame cover is standardly available in White, with the following cover color options available in Silver, Red, Tan, Green, Blue and Translucent colors. Optional trim and stripes can be incorporated into the cover. It comes with a standard 10 year pro-rated warranty that can be upgraded to an optional 15 year pro-rated warranty. Covers come standard with a Pipe & Ratchet Tie Down System, and SecurEez, a high tension end to end cover tightening system for maximum cover life.


End Walls

End frame poles are fabricated with rectangular tubing. Our polyethylene fabric covered end walls provide a durable and attractive finish to your Diamond Shelter. Customer supplied metal cladding can be attached to the end frames.

Diamond Shelters manufactures 2 different models of Doors: Trak and Double Sliding. Let us help you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

For ease of entry many customers install man doors, overhead or bi-fold doors.


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