Diamond Shelter Single Hoop Options

Rafter Upgrade to 3” Tubing

With the exception of the 15’ and 18’ wide models, Single Hoop Diamond Shelter rafters can be upgraded from a 2 3/8” diameter tube to a 3” diameter tube. Both 2 3/8” and 3” rafters are made of North American produced, 12 gauge hollow structural round tubing.

For those areas that have high snow loads an upgrade to 3” rafters is recommended.

Note: Single Hoop shelters, whether they have 2 3/8” or 3” rafters, as part of day to day maintenance, need to have any significant accumulations of snow removed.

Peak Purlins

Peak Purlin is a single round tube running along the outside peak of the shelter frame. Its purpose is to increase the height of the peak of a shelter. This helps the snow to slide off the shelter.

Peak Purlins are standard in 24’ High Profile, 32’ Freestanding and High Profile, 36’ Ponywall, and 38’ Freestanding models. They are optional in 15’ and 18’ Freestanding and High Profile, 22’ and 30’ Ponywall and 24’ Freestanding models.

Concrete Foundation Mount

Single Hoop Freestanding and High Profile models use standard ground anchors and turnbuckles to secure the structure to the ground. For those Single Hoop Diamond Shelters being installed on concrete, an optional concrete foundation mount kit is available to secure the structure to the concrete. The kit includes concrete wedge anchor bolts.

Half Moon End Frames

Some Diamond Shelter applications, most often livestock facilities, require the full width of the end frame to be open to a specified height.

Above that height the end is closed in with a Diamond Shelter Half Moon End Frame. It is effective in keeping some of the snow, rain or wind out of the building.


Diamond Shelters manufactures an awning that can be attached to our shelters on one or both sides running the full or part length of the shelter.

The awnings are used to typically protect the feed in bunkers constructed along the sides of the shelter.

End Wall Mesh Vents

Diamond Shelters offers optional mesh vents for end frame covers. The end wall mesh vents provide ventilation in our shelters while still limiting the amount of wind, rain or snow that enters into the shelter. These vents come in various sizes.

An optional retractable flap can be added to the end wall mesh vent so that it can be closed during inclement weather.

Flame Retardant Cover

As an option, 12 oz. white covers are available in a flame retardant version that meets or exceeds most local fire regulations. Check with us for other available colors.


Single Hoop Diamond Shelters can be insulated (insulation supplied by customer). Talk to our dealers and sales representatives to discuss the insulation options available.


Site constraints or utilizing existing foundations have resulted in many Custom Single Hoop Shelters being designed and manufactured.

If you have a special shelter application where our standard Diamond Shelter will not fit, let us try and find a shelter solution for you.

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