Powder Coating

Diamond Shelters offers powder coated steel frames as an option to our standard bare steel frames.

Optional Powder Coating provides a superior finish that is tough, durable, attractive and environmentally friendly. Grey is our standard color. However, we do offer the additional option of other colors. For a distinctive look, choose a color you find most appealing.

All components go through a five stage washing process prior to being powder coated. After the powder is applied the components enter an oven where the powder is baked onto the surface of each component.

Salt spray tests have proven that powder coated steel is superior to other types of protective coatings and provides the best protection for your steel frame.

We recommend a powder coated finish for Diamond Shelters that are used in corrosive environments.

In highly corrosive conditions such as highway salt and sand storage or composting facilities, we strongly recommend using a zinc rich primer prior to powder coating to further improve the corrosion resistance.

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